The lead studio team


We offer our gifts together for God’s mission in the world.


Peggy serves as the Executive Director for LEAD, aligning passionate leaders, resources, and practices to grow Christian leaders who grow faith communities in our world. Peggy is a frequent speaker and author who is never without a pile of books to read and seeks coaches and mentors for herself in an ongoing quest to learn and grow. Peggy is committed to listening to pastors and leaders of all ages for insight into the ways they are growing in their own faith and what LEAD can do to support them in their development as leaders.


First and foremost, I am a congregational pastor. This is my passion and the calling I give my time and energy to.

I also believe that church is more than congregation and that when we can help each other to share the Good News and grow God’s Kingdom, we should.

This conviction has brought me around the country as I help congregations and organizations to communicate more effectively and pass the faith on from generation to generation.

As a volunteer I have been on the communications team of the Gulf Coast Synod for many years, I served on the five person Social Media Team of the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering, and I am a part of the leadership team for the Church Social Media community, helping the church to use digital tools to share the Good News.


Rozella Haydée White is the #LoveBigCoach, one who believes that love and Revolutionary Relationships can heal the world and bring us back to ourselves and to each other. She is the owner of RHW Consulting, which provides life and leadership coaching, retreats, inspirational speaking, and writing that accompanies people as they create and live their most meaningful lives.

Rozella actively works to restore hearts to wholeness so that all can not simply survive, but thrive. As a writer, teacher, speaker, and public theologian, Rozella boldly engages issues of faith, justice, self-care, mental illness, and the radical and transformative love of God as embodied in the person of Jesus. Her first solo book, Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World, was published in May 2019.